With an extensive background in the biodiesel industry, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies recognizes that maintaining a competitive edge is essential to our customers. We are committed to continually improving our offerings and maintaining a full time staff and laboratory dedicated to the advancement of biodiesel production and use. The current activities of this division include:

  • Feedstock analysis and development.
  • Reaction kinetics.
  • New catalyst investigation.
  • Process optimization.
  • Co-product processing and upgrading.
  • Fuel quality test method development.
  • Fuel additive evaluation.
  • Cold flow blending and operation.
  • Fuel blending impact studies.
  • Process scale up and evaluation.

Our R&D laboratory and pilot plant located in Salem, Oregon are equipped to model any major chemical process unit operation, as well as the ability to evaluate feedstock and confirm conformance with ASTM standards.