Find out what Hawaii’s biodiesel users have to say:

Our customers love using locally produced biodiesel.  It’s good for their engines and good for the planet.
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Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC)

“Biodiesel is very important for KIUC’s ability to reach its 100% renewable energy goals because it can be used in any of our existing generating units, and it can be stored in large tanks to give us that long duration storage that we need that batteries and current storage technology can’t provide. We need a fuel like biodiesel to get us through those periods where we have lots of clouds or rainy weather here on Kauai and we’re not getting the output from our solar farms. KIUC is very pleased to partner with Pacific Biodiesel, a Hawaii-based company that’s producing local biofuel, providing lots of clean energy jobs for people in the state, and helping us meet our sustainable electricity goals.”

David Bissell, KIUC President and Chief Executive Officer

Department of Land and Natural Resources

“Biodiesel fits with DLNR’s mission. We’re doing so much work to protect our natural resources,” said DLNR Chair Suzanne Case. “Climate change is the biggest threat globally to our natural resources. We have to do everything possible to get off of fossil fuel, every single one of us. Biodiesel is non-toxic so it’s good for the engines and it’s good for our reef and our fishes.”

Suzanne Case, Chairperson of the State of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources

City & County of Honolulu

For more than 15 years, the City & County of Honolulu has used locally produced biodiesel in its fleet of vehicles, including nearly 1,000 pickup trucks, dump trucks, ambulances and garbage trucks.

“Changing our fuel source from ULSD to B20 was not a difficult decision considering the benefits of reduced emissions (PM, smoke and odor), local production and lower State and County (Oahu) taxes. No special dispensing equipment or modifications were necessary, and we have used B20 interchangeably with straight ULSD without issues. Use of B20 has increased our awareness about the importance of having clean and properly maintained fuel storage and dispensing systems.”

– Robert Primiano, Division Chief– Automotive Equipment Service, City and County of Honolulu

Fair Wind Cruises

Fair Wind Cruises has been using biodiesel since 2013. “We converted all our vessels and company trucks to use locally produced biodiesel from Pacific Biodiesel, reducing our dependence on importing foreign fuel. Not only does biodiesel burn cleaner and is, therefore better for the ocean, it is better for our vessels and reduces our maintenance costs.”

– Alex Dant, Fair Wind Cruises

Maui Brewing Co.

“The number one reason for us using biodiesel was to lead by example in sustainable manufacturing. We can show that you can truly make an authentic local Hawaiian craft beer in Hawaii and do it with sustainable practices. Having a locally made fuel source gives us that energy independence but also something that to us is a value-added agricultural resource that we can use here and help to promote that our biodiesel came from Maui and is made from expended restaurant cooking oil or other sustainably grown ag resources like sunflowers.”

– Garrett Morrero, CEO and Founder, Maui Brewing Co.

Polynesian Voyaging Society

“As Hōkūleʻa’s escort vessel, Hikianalia requires adequate power to meet our safety requirements at sea. We feel fortunate to have Pacific Biodiesel here in Hawaiʻi to provide a renewable fuel alternative for our canoe that is clean and safe for our oceans.”

– Nainoa Thompson, CEO of Polynesian Voyaging Society

Magic Island Construction

“All of our equipment has run just fine; we’ve had no problems,” Rindlisbacher reported. “Our team is very happy with the performance. And, believe me, I’d would hear if they had any issues”

– Lynn Rindlisbacher, owner of Maui-based Magic Island Construction