New Biodiesel Fueling Stations!

Pacific Biodiesel is introducing innovative, off-grid biodiesel fueling stations around Hawaii – the first station opened at Ma‘alaea Harbor on June 3, 2022. For a listing of these new stations, please click here.

These fueling stations give customers 24/7 access to biodiesel, making it more convenient to fuel up with our company’s locally made, 100% renewable fuel. Biodiesel is a non-toxic, biodegradable advanced biofuel that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by 86% compared to petroleum diesel and can be used in any diesel engine – including cars, trucks, buses, boats, generators and farm equipment.

Each station, offering premium distilled biodiesel produced at Pacific Biodiesel’s refinery on Hawaii Island, is flexible to allow customers to purchase fuel for on-road, marine and other off-road use.

To purchase fuel from these biodiesel stations, customers must first download a free App on their smart phone or mobile device (to download the App, scan the QR code of your choice below). The App allows paperless fuel purchases, access to company news and informational videos, and participation in loyalty programs. Then follow the steps on the graphic at the right; for your convenience, this graphic is also posted on the fueling station.

To open a commercial account or to complete an M-38 tax exemption form to purchase fuel for marine or other off-road use, customers must first contact Pacific Biodiesel’s station manager at 808.283.1855. To complete the M-38 tax exemption form, click here; return the completed form to our station manager.

To learn more about the stations, please see articles in our e-newsletters below: