Recycling Hawaii’s Used Cooking Oil Into 100% Renewable Fuel

Recycle your used cooking oil into cleaner burning biodiesel…for FREE! Pacific Biodiesel® offers free pick-up service for all food establishments wishing to recycle their waste oil and reduce their carbon footprint. Pacific Biodiesel also offers competitive prices for grease interceptor pumping. Emergency service available 24-7.

For service on Oahu, Maui County and Hawaii Island
call: 808-877-3144
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Renewable Energy

Pacific Biodiesel works as a crucial component in Hawaii’s community-based biodiesel production model. Utilizing recycled oil collected regionally, a significantly smaller environmental footprint is obtained by reducing the need for long distance shipping of feedstock to, and product from, a biodiesel refinery. The economic advantages to our community are maximized through local investment/ownership and the creation of jobs. With in-state distribution of the fuel, this model also provides regional energy security. The community-based production concept begins to shape and define what is meant by sustainable biodiesel: striving to produce renewable energy with a truly positive environmental, economic and social impact. Now your establishment can have the clean, reliable service you desire and become a partner in ensuring Hawaii’s clean energy future!

Reliable Service

  • Our Pacific Biodiesel routes are flexible and we take pride in quick response to our customers’ needs. Call us and we will respond promptly.
  • Our drivers are friendly, polite, and respectful of your business. We try to schedule the most convenient collection hours for you and your customers.
  • We have extensive knowledge of waste oil disposal regulations and ensure full compliance with City and County standards.

Clean Collection

  • Our drivers are thorough, careful, safety-conscious and trained to prevent spills.
  • From bin placement and clean collection, to interaction with your staff, our quality of service is the best in the business.
  • Our number one concern is your satisfaction!

Make a difference with the sustainable recycling service!

  • Pacific Biodiesel recycles used cooking oil from local restaurants, turning it into cleaner-burning, premium quality biodiesel right here in Hawaii.
  • Biodiesel has 86% lower emissions than petroleum diesel, ensuring a healthier environment for our families and children.
  • Locally produced biodiesel helps decrease Hawaii’s dependence on foreign oil and can renew our agricultural economy.