Willie Nelson

Willie and Annie Nelson first learned about biodiesel when Annie bought a diesel car and became a customer of Pacific Biodiesel on Maui in 2003. The Nelsons now drive only biodiesel vehicles, including Willie’s tour bus, and are invested in several biodiesel ventures with Pacific Biodiesel. They are founding members in the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance with Bob and Kelly King of Pacific Biodiesel.

Maiden Hawaii Naturals

Maiden Hawaii Naturals, LLC was created by Pacific Biodiesel. The company produces premium plant-based oils and natural ingredients for cosmetic and culinary applications. Pacific Biodiesel recycles waste cooking oils from restaurants statewide for use in the production of biodiesel. Now the locally made culinary oils produced by Maiden Hawaii Naturals are offered to Hawaii’s chefs and the used cooking oil is recycled to produce a 100% renewable fuel for a cleaner, greener Hawaii – that’s full circle sustainability!