Quality Management To Support Industry Responsibility

As a rapidly emerging, mandated alternative fuel, biodiesel has the potential to make a significant impact on the market success of biofuels. To make that vision a reality, the biodiesel industry must provide what consumers have come to expect from petroleum fuels; a consistent and reliable product, every time they fill up their tank. From feedstock to finished product, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies is with you all the way. Through our extensive experience in biodiesel production and process system engineering, we have developed a Quality Management Program that ensures our customers receive the highest quality biodiesel.
Services included in our Quality Management Program are:

  • Feedstock evaluation.
  • In-process quality assurance testing.
  • ASTM 6751 testing.
  • Comprehensive management protocols for fuel quality.

How we ensure that we are making the highest quality biodiesel:

Quality Management System

The Pacific Biodiesel team has been producing the highest quality fuel since 1996. Our experience is second to none. Quality is not just a slogan, it is a comprehensive commitment that encompasses every aspect of biodiesel production.

New Feedstock Qualification

Vegetable oils and animal fats are products of nature, and are inherently variable. In addition, processing and handling methods employed by individual feedstock suppliers can result in changes in composition and quality which impact the fuel production process. Pacific Biodiesel evaluates every new feedstock employed in our plants for oil quality and process compatibility. The evaluation consists of a series of tests to determine quality and consistency, expected process yields, and finished product quality metrics. A report outlining the results and recommendations is then provided to aid in the decision-making.