Pacific Biodiesel Technologies provided the technology and equipment for this demonstration plant located at San Francisco’s Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant which opened in October 2010.  An extension of the SFPUC’s Greasecycle program to prevent fats, oils and grease from being released into city sewers, it is also a component of the city’s FOG to FUEL project.  The treatment plant processes 12.000 gallons of trap waste per day, recovering brown grease to use as biodiesel feed stock. This FOG separating plant technology can be streamlined for municipal treatment plants across the country.

San Francisco Oceanside Waste Water Treatment Plant

FOG to Fuel
Grease Recovery System
San Francisco, CA

Start-up: 2010
Capacity: 12,000 gal/day (3,960,000 gal/yr)
Feedstock: Grease Trap Waste