A big Mahalo to Extended Horizons scuba diving for their commitment to sustainable, locally produced biodiesel! Owner Erik Stein made the decision to become fossil-fuel free in 2006 and is proud to have one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly boats on Maui.

Their cutting edge modern diesel engines run on 100% biodiesel, made on Maui from 100% used cooking oils. Not only is Extended Horizons keeping oil out of the overflowing landfill and reducing their carbon emissions significantly, they also are saving money in the process! Erik says by using biodiesel they have been able to lower costs by pushing their oil changes out an additional 100 hours.

Extended Horizons embraces other “green” policies as well such as recycling, supporting education for the public about the ocean environment, and installing moorings on the reef to lessen their impact of visiting dive sites.

October 2009 Eco Customer Extended Horizons Scuba Dive Boat

Extended Horizons dive boat runs exclusively on biodiesel made on Maui

Pacific Biodiesel selects the customer of the month based on how long the company has continually been using biodiesel and the volume of fuel purchased. Also taken into consideration is the overall philosophy of the company and its practices, as well as their support for renewable energy and commitment to being green.