A big Mahalo to ProVision Solar, Inc. for their commitment to sustainable, locally produced biodiesel! The only solar electric firm in Hawaii to operate their work vehicles on 100 percent biodiesel, ProVision Solar is committed to renewable energy in every way possible.

ProVision Solar President Marco Mangelsdorf made the switch to using biodiesel in 2006 because he says it not only smells much better than diesel, but he wanted the company to “walk their cleaner energy talk.” Their work trucks and vans on the Big Island, Maui and Molokai all run on Pacific Biodiesel fuel.

ProVision is one of Hawaii’s oldest pure solar electric companies with residential and commercial PV projects across the state. They have been providing the highest quality solar electric products, designs and installations for several years. Marco says it feels great to be able to work with like-minded companies such as Pacific Biodiesel and run his fleet on Hawaii-based renewable fuel.

November 2009 Eco Customer Provision Solar

November 2009 Eco Customer Provision Solar

Co-owners of ProVision Solar, Marco Mangelsdorf and Douglas Bath, soak up the sun along with one of their solar panel installations.

Pacific Biodiesel selects the customer of the month based on how long the company has continually been using biodiesel and the volume of fuel purchased. Also taken into consideration is the overall philosophy of the company and its practices, as well as their support for renewable energy and commitment to being green.