Pacific Biodiesel Technologies LLC is proud to announce the opening of America’s newest quality assurance laboratory for biodiesel, located in Salem, Oregon. With the latest state-of-the-art equipment and experienced lab personnel, PB Tech will now provide ASTM D6751 certificates of analysis and support a number of additional tests to evaluate biodiesel quality.

The PB Tech analytical team has training and experience on all instrumentation and methods to make certain that samples are handled and tested correctly. The company’s experience with biodiesel and biodiesel production ensures the ability to deliver explanations along with numerical results.

Renowned as pioneers in the biodiesel industry for over a decade, Pacific Biodiesel Inc. has been producing biodiesel in Hawaii for over 12 years and has built multi-feedstock processing facilities throughout the U.S. In late December 2006, PBI president Bob King created Pacific Biodiesel Technologies as away to directly address the many inquiries received almost daily.

“If biodiesel is to succeed as an alternative fuel, it is imperative that all biodiesel producers adhere to high standards of consistent quality,” emphasizes PBI President Bob King. “We have succeeded in the industry because of our reputation for sustainability and quality, and now it is time to help others achieve excellence as well.”

“When fuel samples happen to be out of specification, we have the knowledge and experience to help assess and deal with the issues in the production stream,” states Quality Manager Lee Litvin.

Test panels may be customized to the specifications of the customer. Litvin describes how PB Tech works individually with each customer to provide services that meet any needs. “We can provide services for one test, the BQ-9000 Critical Specification tests, the full ASTM D6751 suite of tests and everything in between.”

The new company also offers consulting engineering and retrofit services out of its new Oregon base.

For more information on testing and other services offered by Pacific Biodiesel Technologies contact:

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, Quality Management Division
(503) 485-0882