May 05, 2011

Our May customer of the month is Dawn Lippert, Project Manager for the Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture.

After making a couple of coast to coast trips between Seattle and New Haven, Conneticut, Dawn Lippert’s 2006 Jetta arrived on Oahu when she accepted a position with the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR). “I bought my diesel Jetta so I could run it on biodiesel”, said Dawn”, and was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a reliable source in Hawaii. I am so appreciative to Pacific Biodiesel for providing a local option for renewable fuel for my Jetta”.

Dawn has always been passionate about the environment and her personal philosophy is in line with her professional life. “At home we recycle everything and make every effort to reduce our energy consumption”, she reports.

“Energy is a big economic driver for Hawaii. Our dependence on fossil fuels in general is a huge drain. One of our goals at PICHTR is to help local companies provide high quality, interesting jobs in the State as we expand our production of renewable energy.”

“It all aligns”, says Dawn with enthusiasm. “As we reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we’ll be providing interesting, quality jobs for our youth, who will then stay in Hawaii and contribute to a sustainable future.”

Dawn has been fueling up with 100% biodiesel fuel at Sand Island since her arrival on Oahu, and we’re grateful for her continued support of community-based biodiesel.

Eco Customer Dawn Lippert May 2011