A big Mahalo to Chip Hughes and his wife Charlene Avallone for their commitment to using sustainable, locally produced biodiesel! Chip and Charlene have been biodiesel users since 2004 when they bought their first TDI. They were so dedicated to fueling up with biodiesel that they drove all the way from the Windward side of Oahu to the Pacific Biodiesel plant on Sand Island because the fuel wasn’t yet available at service stations around the island like it is now.

Chip says switching to biodiesel was simply the right thing to do. “We had heard the dire predictions about climate change and global warming,” he said. “Using biodiesel was a (small) way we could do something for the environment. And we could feel good about driving again.”

They currently use biodiesel in their 2004 and 2006 Volkswagen Jettas and Chip says when he almost weakened and wanted to by one of the new VW Sportwagens [that recommended a very low blend of biodiesel], his wife talked him out of it. “Now I agree with her totally,” he said. “We’ll wait for VW or some other car manufacturer to come out with new models that WILL run B100 or at least B20!”

Chip and Charlene have expanded their green efforts to include other carbon reduction methods such as solar water heating, recycling, fluorescent light bulbs, and are considering going completely off the grid with a full photovoltaic system. Chip and Charlene are both published writers and Chip’s latest “Surfing Detective” mystery series has been optioned for television!

May 2010 Eco Customer Chip Hughes VW Jetta