Pacific Biodiesel’s Hawaii Island Refinery annually produces 5.5 million gallons of biodiesel that is sold throughout the state.

In the Summer Edition of Biobased Diesel Magazine, guest contributor Kelly King details why community-based biodiesel production is the “poster child” of the circular economy.

King was both a delegate and presenter at COP26 and COP 27. As King explains, “The circular economy is about finding unique resources in your own community, using those resources to provide local jobs, creating local products and services, and maintaining the economic and environmental benefits such as taxable revenue, environmental protection, energy and food security. The circular economy brings climate action into the local equation alongside basic needs like farming, food production, clean water and housing.”

The article describes how Pacific Biodiesel and the Kings’ farming operations embody the circular economy and the multitude of benefits community-based biodiesel provides in reversing the impacts of the climate crisis.

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