Big Island company named Eco-Customer of the Month

Pacific Biodiesel has named Quindembo Bamboo as Eco-Customer of the Month. Quindembo, whose Kamuela nursery features a vast array of non-invasive bamboo species, has been fueling its Big Island generators and off-road equipment with biodiesel for over four years. The company will soon be moving its Hawaiʻi Island operation to a new site in North Kohala’s Kapaʻau. Owners Peter Berg and Susan Ruskin have close to 100 varieties of non-invasive bamboos. Among the many uses for bamboo are building and craft materials, edible shoots, windbreaks, soil erosion control and living fences, all of which encourage a sustainable ecosystem in Hawaiʻi.

“The generator that we power with biodiesel runs our well and charges the photovoltaics that run everything else. We’re excited about the opening of the Big Island Biodiesel plant in Keaʻau”, said Peter Berg, “and having renewable fuel available to us right on island”. Quindembo has recently opened a second location on Kauaʻi.

July 2011 Eco Customer Quindembo Bamboo