A Congressional Field Trip to Hawaii’s Biodiesel Pioneer

Hawaii District 2 Congresswoman Mazie Hirono visited the Pacific Biodiesel plant at Sand Island, Oahu on Friday, August 15. The Representative and two staffers toured the facilities while Plant Manager George Aiwohi explained how Pacific Biodiesel turns used cooking oil into cleaner-burning, safer renewable fuel. Vice President Kelly King and other employees engaged in indepth dialogue involving Pacific Biodiesel’s vision for keeping biodiesel production in Hawaii community-based and sustainable.

Extremely supportive of efforts to generate more renewable energy in Hawaii, Mazie was happy to learn that Act 221, one of her efforts during her tenure as the State’s Lt. Governor, will likely benefit Pacific Biodiesel’s latest venture, Big Island Biodiesel.

Hirono and staff at Pacific Biodiesel Oahu lab Hirono and staff at Pacific Biodiesel Oahu lab