Washington, D.C., January 20, 2009—Bob and Kelly King, President and Vice President of Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. were guests of honor at the 2009 Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Bal
l on the evening of the swearing in of 44th U.S. President Barack Obama. The Kings’ internationally known company got its start in 1996 in Maui County, Hawaii as the first retail biodiesel business in the country. Pacific Biodiesel is also the first commercial company to utilize waste cooking oil as a biodiesel feedstock, and has since become known as a model of sustainability and community-based fuel production.

Pacific Biodiesel has developed its business to include all aspects of biodiesel, from feedstock collection and fuel production to fuel distribution to plant design and engineering services. The company has built biodiesel plants throughout the United States and Japan, and manages plants in Hawaii, Oregon, and Texas. In 2008, the PB Board of Directors created a separate technology services division, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, LLC, now headquartered in Salem, Oregon.
The Kings are the subject of a feature length documentary, Revolution Green, which was included in the gift bag for the Environmental Ball guests, compliments of documentary film maker Stephen Strout. Now in its second edition, the film focuses on Pacific Biodiesel’s mission of sustainability in biofuels production and positive community impact. To further that mission, the Kings were founders of the non-profit Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) along with Daryl Hannah, Willie and Annie Nelson and Woody and Laura Harrelson. The SBA has developed a definition of, and standards for, sustainable biodiesel best practices.

For more information, go to www.fuelresponsbily.org .