NBB: Biodiesel Industry Producing Record Volumes and Fueling Job Creation

Washington—U.S. biodiesel production reached a new monthly high of 81 million gallons in June, according to the latest EPA statistics, marking a third consecutive month of record volumes and continuing a remarkable turnaround in which biodiesel production in the first half of 2011 has already eclipsed production for all of 2010.

The new numbers – coming after Congress reinstated the biodiesel tax incentive this year – demonstrate the power that strong domestic energy policy can have in helping create jobs and economic activity.

Despite the weak economy, the biodiesel industry is on track to produce at least 800 million gallons this year, more than double biodiesel production of 315 million gallons last year, when Congress allowed the biodiesel tax incentive to temporarily lapse. To read entire article from Biofuels Journal click HERE