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Big Island Biodiesel Keaau statsKeaau, HI – On November 18, 2010 Big Island Biodiesel LLC (BIB) kicked-off its construction phase with a ground breaking ceremony at the Keaau site of Hawaii’s newest and most advanced biodiesel production facility. With a capacity of over 8,000 gallons per day and more than 2.6 million gallons per year, the Big Island Biodiesel facility will utilize recently developed zero-waste, super efficient processing technology and will play a significant role in helping Hawaii reach its energy independence and sustainability goals. Following the community-based biodiesel production model pioneered by Pacific Biodiesel in 1996, BIB even boasts ownership by members of the community.

The project was conceptualized by Robert King, President of Pacific Biodiesel, Inc., as a way to bring advanced biodiesel process technology to the State of Hawaii with the community-based production model that he pioneered over a decade ago. Equity partners include residents and businesses from across the State of Hawaii and even include the State of Hawaii. This facility will be a state-of-the-art, next generation biofuel refinery and should be producing just in time for the 2011 international APEC Summit held in Hawaii.

Big Island Biodiesel ground breakingIn addition to used cooking oil and trap grease feedstock, Hawaii’s newest biodiesel processing facility will support local farmers interested in growing biofuel crops. The new biodiesel plant’s multiple feedstock capability will allow it to process used cooking oils, jatropha oil, sunflower oil, algae oil and even fish oil and animal fats.

Pacific Biodiesel currently produces biodiesel on Maui and Oahu and is sold at retail stations on those islands as well as wholesale throughout the state. Pacific Biodiesel’s cleaner, safer, high-quality ASTM rated biodiesel is processed from vegetable oil and/or animal fats and can be used in any diesel engine.

Click HERE to watch the local TV news coverage of the Ground Breaking ceremony for the new Big Island Biodiesel facility.