Stephan Reeve of Kīpahulu, Maui has been named Pacific Biodiesel’s EcoCustomer of the Month for August and September.

Steph has been a Pacific Biodiesel customer for more than 10 years, ever since he moved from Hana to Kīpahului in 1997. Located in the southeastern part of Maui, about 45 minutes past Hāna, those who live in Kipahulu do so without electric or water utilities making sustainability a way of life.

“I’m so grateful to Pacific Biodiesel for providing biodiesel that allowed me to develop my property in the most sustainable way”, said Reeve. I’ve used B100 in my tractor since 1997, when I started to build my bamboo home and develop the tropical fruit farm.” Reeve’s farm is considered to have the most diverse collection of tropical fruits in Hawaii including durians, lychee, marang and rollinia. “I also use biodiesel in my Jeep Liberty although, to be honest, I try to use as little as possible”, he confessed. “Everything I want is here in Kīpahulu, so I make the trip into town very infrequently!”

In addition to working on his farm, Reeve is heavily involved in the conservation of local forest ecosystems. He is very proud of his successful efforts in the restoration of haha, a native plant that was thought to be extinct in the area.

Mahalo, Steph for your support of Pacific Biodiesel and your commitment to a sustainable Hawaii.

Eco Customer Stephan Reeve August 2011