A big Mahalo to Shamrock Tree Service on the Big Island for their commitment to using sustainable, locally produced biodiesel! Owner Billy Duignan made the switch to biodiesel in 2004 because he wanted to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. He uses biodiesel in all of his trucks, chippers and anything else that has a diesel engine.

“I used to be a fisherman and when I got into this business, I quickly realized that this industry uses a lot of fuel, which has quite an impact on the environment,” he said. “I wanted to do everything I could to make my business more environmentally friendly. Switching from diesel to biodiesel just made sense.” He said he loves using Pacific Biodiesel’s fuel because they take a waste product that would otherwise be useless and turn it into a viable product.
Shamrock Tree Service tries to be as green as possible in every aspect of its operations, including switching to a vegetable oil based lubricant in all of the chainsaws. BioPlus chain oil (manufactured by STIHL) is a relatively new product that is more expensive, but eliminates the need for motor oil in the saws. It completely biodegrades in 21 days and is suitable for use in ecologically sensitive areas. Billy says it’s absolutely worth it to spend a little more money to protect the environment. It’s just simply the right thing to do.

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August 2010 Eco Customer Shamrock Tree Service